Adjuvants & Surfactants

Forestry Distributing offers a full line of adjuvant products and our manufacturers remain on the cutting edge of adjuvant development to bring unique and functional chemistries to meet the specific and changing needs of the agrichemical industry.

For decades, research has demonstrated the performance of pesticides, fertilizers and plant growth regulators is constrained by physical and environmental factors that may suppress their effectiveness. Using adjuvants with spray applications has proven to

  • Improve or otherwise facilitate the physical handling characteristics of pesticides and nutritional sprays;
  • Improve performance effectiveness and consistency of sprayables;
  • Legally comply with the labeled use requirements of pesticides and nutritionals.

Many of the factors that limit spray performance can be alleviated or managed with specific adjuvant products.


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Activator 90 Non-ionic Surfactant

Activator 90 non-ionic surfactant. Available in Qt, Gal & 2.5 Gal.


In stock, ships within 24 hours.

Cide-Kick II Non-ionic Surfactant

Cide-Kick II Non-ionic Surfactant designed for use with herbicides helps break down waxy cuticle on leaf surfaces and penetrates bark for a more effective product uptake.

Signal Word - Caution

In stock, ships within 24 hours.

Gulfstream Adjuvant Non-ionic Surfactant

Gulfstream Adjuvant Non-ionic Surfactant and buffering agent or acidifier.

Signal Word - Caution

In stock, ships within 24 hours.

Indicate 5 Wetting, Spreading and Penetrating Agent

Indicate 5 pH Indicator, Acidifier, Water Conditioner & Wetter/Spreader is the only adjuvant that contains a built in pH indicator, turning the spray water pink as soon as the optimum level of 4.5-5.5 is reached. It eliminates the need to test the water pH with any additional equipment.

Active Ingredient: Alkyl Aryl Ethoxylates & Water Conditioning Agents 80%


In stock, ships within 24 hours.